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Wide Stile & Rail Glass Door Entrances
(WS-500 Series)

1. Available 6-1/2" Head Rail for Closer Mount without Using Drop Plates
2. 5-1/2" Stiles Width
3. .187" Edge Wall Thickness on Lock and Hinge Stiles
4. .187" Door Face Thickness
5. Heavy Duty Tubular Aluminum Extrusion Construction
6. Flexible Design for Nearly Infinite Hardware Applications
7. Durable Woolpile Weatherstrip with fin strip for Positive Weather Protection
8. Rail Face Thickness is 3/16" to avoid through bolting closers
9. True Mortise and Tenon Construction at Every Stile and Rail Intersection (Standard) - No Messy Welding Involved
10. Number, Size, and Location of Horizontal Rails are Very Flexible (Adaptable to Meet ADA Regulations)
11. Screw Applied Interior Glazing Stops for Easy Glass Replacement
12. 1-3/4" Overall Door Thickness
13. Accepts 1/4" up to 1-1/4"
14. Available in Smooth Face, Kynar/Dunar Paint and Anodized Finishes

Security and beauty... this door type has rapidly become one of our most popular entrance designs where wide-open natural light is desired. Several of the architectural firms who use Cross Aluminum products in their specifications were looking for a "heavy-duty" stile and rail door that would withstand high volume traffic flow and abuse. The result was our WS-500 series entrance. The fabrication aspect of structural design and engineering is the same as our MS-400 series. The major differences are in the stile width and the face thickness of the extrusions used to manufacture this door type.
  • The extrusion is a 5" wide tubular shape that will provide enough space inside the extrusion to apply mortise locksets and mortise panics.
  • The minimum wall thickness of the face of this extrusion is .187" (3/16"). (A standard stile & rail door fabricated in the aluminum door and storefront industry is .125" or less.)
  • Optional wide stile base & top horizontal rails can vary from 2" to any desired height.
As we have developed and incorporated this line of doors into our portfolio, a major advantage to the consumer has become apparent. Our prices for this extra heavy-duty door has been extremely competitive, even when compared to other manufacturer's standard medium stile storefront doors. So, any time you can purchase twice the structural integrity for the same cost, you've certainly made a wise choice.

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WS-500-FG (Full Glass)

WS-500-DG (Double Glass)


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