2” Face Curtain Wall System


2” Face Curtain Wall System

Optional Frame Depths from 4 1/4" to 9 1/4"
Slab to Slab Storefront Alternative
Dual Finish Inside/Outside

The CW2000 series curtain wall system is recommended for use as a high span storefront application. This system allows for each window unit to be wept individually. This curtainwall system is also available with a thermal isolator to improve thermal efficacy. It will allow for up to 1″ infill glazed towards the frame exterior. The overall frame depth can vary from 4 1/4″ to 9 1/4″ utilizing different snap covers and back members. Furthermore, the snap covers allow for dual finish options from interior and exterior applications.

In order to fulfill our mission of long lasting products, Cross Aluminum incorporates its heavy duty thermally broken sub frame into the CW2000 series curtain wall system at each door opening. This sub frame can also be dual finish and allows the use of our heavy duty door stop.

CW-2000 Cross Aluminum Curtain Wall System