WS-500 Commercial Glass Entry Doors


WS-500 Commercial Glass Entry Doors

Strongest Stile and Rail Door
Tie Rod through mid rail
Structural Rigidity

The WS-500 Monumental commercial glass entry doors are used in high traffic and high abuse buildings. The overall construction of this heavy-duty product utilizes our unique mortise and tenon joinery. That construction is coupled with tie rod bosses in each horizontal to provide the market with the most stable and secure product in its class. The exterior glass stops are part of the stile and rail extrusions which allow for an even more secure entrance.

These commercial glass entry doors can be designed with varying size of horizontals from ¾” to 20” to match building façade or meet ADA requirements. This storefront entrance can accept glass ranging from ¼” to 1”. That design flexibility along with the structural integrity of this product make the WS-500 our most requested Stile & Rail Entrance.

WS-500 Stile and Rail Door