NS-250 Narrow Stile Aluminum Door Entrances


NS-250 Narrow Stile Aluminum Door Entrances

Economical Stile and Rail Door
Tie Rod through mid rail
Structural Rigidity

The NS-250 narrow stile aluminum door is used in medium to high traffic buildings. The Stiles are 2 1/2″ wide providing more day light into the opening. The overall construction of this product utilizes our unique mortise and tenon joinery. That construction is coupled with tie rod bosses in each horizontal to provide the market with the most stable and secure product in its class. The exterior glass stops are part of the stile and rail extrusions which allow for an even more secure entrance.

The NS-250 Narrow stile aluminum door can be designed with varying size of horizontals from ¾” to 20” to match building façade or meet ADA requirements. This storefront entrance can accept glass ranging from ¼” to 1”. The NS-250 is the most economical option in our stile and rail product line.

NS-250 Stile and Rail Door

5/16"Internal Wall


beyond compare

Mortise & Tenon Joinery



Fixed Exterior Glazing Leg


glazing system


Door Thickness
1 3/4"
Max Door Width
Max Door Height
Face Thickness
Edge Thickness
Stile Dimensions
Rail Dimensions
3/4" to 20"
Door Assembly
Tie Rod
Mortise & Tenon
Optional Polyiso Rigid Foam
Glass Capture
Glass Infill Range
1/4" to 1 5/16"
Exterior Glazing
Interior Glazing


Air Infiltration
6.2 psf
Water Penetration
6.27 psf

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Rail Configurations

Stile and Rail Door Rail Configurations

Structural Integrity. Unlimited Designs

Cross Aluminum’s stile and rail entrances can have rails ranging from 3/4” up to 20”.  These rails are typically used at the top, bottom, and middle of the door, but they can also be placed anywhere along the height to match the building façade. 

Stile and Rail Door Designs

World Class Quality. Full range of finishes and colors.

Anodizing aluminum is an electrochemical process that oxidizes the material. This provides a protective layer around the aluminum. Anodizing allows the finished products to be corrosion resistant and maintenance-free for years. Cross Aluminum only utilizes the Acid Etch Anodize process in order to improve product finish quality and color consistency. Furthermore, acid etching can reduce up to 90% of the aluminum sludge and waste used in typical caustic etch anodizing processes.


Simplicity at its finest. Secure Glaze Technology.

Cross Aluminum has always distinctively designed glazing to enhance the structural strength of the door. Every glazed entrance at Cross Aluminum will come with a secure non-removeable exterior glass stop.  Glazing kits are unacceptable and compromise the strength and security of any entrance, that is why our glazing is incorporated as part of the structure of the door. Furthermore, all glazing parts will match the finish of the door, unless specified otherwise.