4 ½” Interior Storefront System


4 ½” Interior Storefront System

Perfect for Secured Vestibule
Glazing Infill 1/8" to 3/8"
Reinforced Immediate Door Frame

The E4500 series storefront system provides customers with the same quality standards found in our door products. This center glazed system is recommended for low rise applications and is commonly used with secured vestibules.

This storefront system utilizes Cross Aluminums’ heavy duty doorstop allowing parallel arm closers to be mounted with no worries of it pulling out of the frame header. Furthermore, this frame will only use closed backed tubes at every door opening, enhancing the structural strength and longevity of the whole entrance system. All immediate door frames have an internal wall to provide rigidity as they are anchored to the building, allowing the entrance to stay uniform and plumb.

E-4500 Cross Aluminum Storefront