FL-400 Flush Aluminum Commercial Doors


FL-400 Flush Aluminum Commercial Doors

Blast Test Category 1: Undamaged
Tubular Extruded, No Delamination
Unlimited Custom Design

The FL-400 in its inception, was fundamental in our belief to provide the end user with the best commercial doors on the market. This unique flush plank door, created over forty years ago, would one day pass category 1 blast tests undamaged.

These doors were created with an aluminum extrusion interlock every four inches. Aluminum extrusions have 4 times the yield and tensile strength of aluminum sheets allowing these doors to be built in custom sizes. In fact, these doors have been built up to 20’ tall in some of the most grueling environments in the world.

These commercial doors are structurally rigid yet flexible in design. A rough and tough door design used on the front of office facilities and schools. The glazing capabilities, along with no need for through-bolting hardware, allow this door to be installed anywhere on a building façade.

FL-400 Flush Commercial Aluminum Doors