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Heavy Duty Flush Door Entrances

1. Durable Woolpile Weatherstrip for Positive Weather Protection
2. Exterior Glazing System Actually Part of the Door Extrusion
3. Snap In/Screw Applied Interior Glazing Stops for Easy Glass Replacement
4. Accepts 1/4" up to 1" Glass Fill
5. 3/8" Tie Rod Construction Standard Minimum - 3 Tie Rods
6. Vertical Tubular Aluminum Construction - Reinforced Every 4" by a Minimum 1/4" Wall
7. Flexible Design for Unlimited Hardware Applications
8. Available in Kynar/Dunar Paints and Anodized Finishes
9. .125" Closer Reinforcement Plate Added (.25" Total)
10. Infinite Design Possibilities of Vision Lites
11. Nominal .125" Door Face Thickness
12. Available in Fluted Face
13. .187" (3/16") Edgewall Thickness on Lock and Hinge Stiles
14. 1-3/4" Overall Door Thickness
15. Insulated with 1-1/2" Urethane Boardstock (Isocyanurate) with R Value=11.23, U-Factor of .089
16. Top and Bottom of Door Capped

All Cross Aluminum Thermal flush doors are made of tubular extruded shapes that interlock together. This interlock forms a 1/4" thick reinforcement wall. The tubular shapes are four inches wide. Since each shape interlocks with the next, this 1/4" internal wall reinforcement is every four vertical inches across the width, and the full length of the door. This type of construction offers many advantages verses any "skin type" manufactured door.
  • No separation of the lamination layers or hardboard backer, since there is none in our flush doors. Therefore, there is no buckling, bulging, or loosening of the face of the doors.
  • Extruded shapes are double the thickness of skin manufactured doors. (.125" nominal verses .062" skins).
  • No need of back-up plates for hinges, thus eliminating the weakening of the stile because of having to mortise for the hinges. No back-up plates are needed to apply butt or continuous gear hinges.
  • No need for additional costs to strengthen doors.
  • Our standard size doors have three 3/8" diameter tension rods, thus giving additional strength through the middle of the door.
  • Unlimited choices of visionlite sizes, shapes, and door designs.
  • No need to buy a new door if damage results... just replace the damaged rail.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Available in a variety of anodized and painted finishes.
  • Uses Cross Aluminum's Triple Barrier Plus TM technology.
  • Door Materials used in construction guarantee extra long lifespan and are virtually all recycable.
  • Anodized finishes use an acid etch process. This process creates one tenth the waste of standard etching procedures and allows the use of secondary recycled aluminum billet without compromising finish quality. The acid etch byproducts are recyclable and reduces energy versus the typical caustic etch process.
  • Door and thermal strut are mechanically assembled and doesn't rely on chemical bonds or glues to hold door together.
  • Thermal strut has the same rate of expansion and contraction as aluminum extrusions, but is 533 times less conductive.
  • Inside of door can have different finish then the outside of the door. This gives the customer and/or architect a wide range of possibilities.
Click here to download Thermal Flush Door specifications.    

Click here to download Thermal Flush Door Architecturals.

FL-400T S1-F

FL-400T NG-F

FL-400T SG-3-F

FL-400T SG-F

FL-400T HG-F

FL-400T FG-F

FL-400T DG-F


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