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Cross Aluminum's Doors

We began working from special extrusion designs, conceived by the founder of the corporation, and we continue to expand our designs to meet the ever-growing variety of customer needs. When you compare design, structural integrity and price, we believe you will realize what our faithful customers have discovered; that there is not a better long-term value that can be found in the door industry.

Cross Aluminum offers five basic doortypes, from which many custom variations may be fabricated. They consist of:

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Heavy Duty Flush Door Entrances
(FL-400 series)

These are recommended for very high abuse and heavy traffic areas. 8, rest & welcome centers, prison facilities, etc. These door types are also used in areas exposed to corrosive chemicals such as swimming pools and aquatic centers, waste water & water treatment plants, and chemical producing plants.

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Heavy Duty Thermal Flush Doors

These heavy duty entrances are built with the same structural strength as our heavy duty flush doors, but with added thermal benefits. These entrances provide good U factors and great CRF values without compromising quality or strength. These doors can also be used on high abuse and heavy traffic areas.

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Wide Stile & Rail Glass Door Entrances
(WS-500 series)

Designed with structural integrity in mind. This entrance has become very popular for school entrances at any level. It provides maximum use of natural light, yet handles everyday abuse. The 3/16" wall extrusions provides the heavy-duty strength, and the extra width of the stiles allow for the use of "all" architectural/commercial grade hardware. This is fast becoming one of our most requested door types.

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Medium Stile & Rail Glass Door Entrances
(MS-400 series)

These door types work well in areas of medium to heavy traffic flow, while providing more natural light. Malls, main entrance foyers, elementary schools, churches, etc. are typical facilities that use this door design. They have the same structural integrity, but weigh less for easy opening. These entrances are compatible with almost all commercial and provide.

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Narrow Stile & Rail Glass Door Entrances
(NS-250 series)

These door types work well in areas of medium traffic flow, while providing the most exposure to natural light as possible. These entrances are widely used for storefronts, office buildings, restaurants, early elementary schools, churches, rest areas, etc. The manufacturing process and quality remains the same as the other heavy duty glass door products we offer; the only difference is the stile profile. If cost is a concern, these entrances will provide you with the best options.

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Custom Door Entrances

Each and every door we make is per specified order. Odd sizes, visionlite designs, and color choices are just a few of the reasons to check out Cross Aluminum's complete entrance systems.

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Framing Systems

Along with our heavy duty flush and stile & rail doors, Cross Aluminum can provide complete framing systems. Immediate frames, sidelites, and transoms are fabricated in standard and custom designs. Our philosophy of structural integrity is also applied to our framing systems.


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