Purdue University

Purdue University

Purdue University has a rich American history dating back to July 2 1862, when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act. By signing this act, the United States government proposed to deed over public lands to any state that would use the earnings from their sale to provide and support a college to teach agriculture and mechanic arts. Thanks to a local Lafayette businessman, visionary John Purdue, who many consider the founder, because of his generous $150,000.00 donation and honoring him by titling the university, Purdue University.
Today, Purdue University is world renowned for agriculture, engineering but all so its great astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, alma mater of college and corporation presidents. Many bright eyed, degree minded young men and women continually pass through the same doorways with diploma in hand, since its inception.
The Historical PMU building known as the Purdue Memorial Union Center is one of the oldest buildings on Campus. The architecture of the PMU Building speaks and lends itself to another time period, as the entrance ways are embellished with elegant tall sandstone pillars, steps, porches and custom ornate radiused arched sandstone transoms. The craftsman spared no expertise, as even the transoms were adorned with graceful and stylish grill muntins assemblies. Except for a few exterior cosmetic changes, the PMU Building has remained virtually the same.
In 2011 Purdue University was having problems with their entrance doors and frames and needed some help. So they reached out to Cross Aluminum Products to assist them in designing and engineering new entrance doors and framing systems, specifically to match the existing historical doors and frames for the PMU Building. This was a unique challenge presented to Cross Aluminum Products. But after several trips to the job site, numerous questions, drawings and paying very close attention to details. Cross Aluminum Products was able to present almost a complete duplication of what Purdue University was looking for. Most students and professors never knew the doors and frames were ever changed. As you can see from the picture, that is the type of quality and expertise that has propelled Cross Aluminum Products the leader in (Division 08) aluminum entrance doors and aluminum store front framing systems for over (43) years now.


Gean Hatke


Purdue In-house


West Lafayette, IN