Niles/Buchanan YMCA

Niles/Buchanan YMCA

A YMCA is a busy place, and the Niles/Buchanan YMCA is certainly a testimony to that fact. Of course, the entrances to this facility needed to compliment the architect’s attractive building design, withstand the heavy traffic flow, and yet remain maintenance free.
The main entrances throughout the facility utilized Cross Aluminum Products MS-400 series medium stile & rail doors and storefront frames, while several service entrances required our heavy-duty aluminum FL-400 series flush doors and frames. A standard clear anodize finish was selected by the architect.
Cross Aluminum Products entrances compliment the overall glass & glazing design, installed by Midwest Glass & Glazing, in completing the project. This original phase one was designed to incorporate additional phases in the future. Now, fifteen years later, the community is anticipating and looking forward to the construction of those additional phases. The original entrances in phase one remain in very good condition, and should be easily matched for the future phases.


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Niles, MI